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Entrepreneurs, Business Executives and Higher Management Team have a lot on their plates. They must deal with managing a staff, meeting production demands and the needs of their customers. Many of them simply don’t have time to deal with developing marketing strategies and creating a disciplined business operations plan.  However, companies that don’t pay close attention to these important needs risk falling behind their competitors.

Bigger companies with deep pockets are fortunate to take care of key essential responsibilities in that they have the budget to hire a team that is specifically dedicated to key important tasks like marketing and operations. These teams see to it that the company maintains a visible online presence and streamlined and productive business practices. 

However, small to medium businesses do not have this luxury and many that don’t keep up with developing these facets of their business risk losing out to their competitors. That’s where Modernique & Co team comes in. 

Modernique & Co was founded in 2013. Over the years they have branched out into many facets of the entrepreneurial industry including event production, project management and experiential marketing. Their experience from various industries ranging from Hospitality to Parks/Entertainment and Healthcare, has given them the knowhow to customize marketing campaigns, identify trends and develop strategic operations plans in order to keep their clients one step ahead of the competition. They can provide assistance with logistics and operational tasks while saving businesses the expense of hiring a full staff, while bringing in the results of a full staff. Your gain without the large cost of payroll and benefits.

Modernique & Co provides an affordable solution to help you create efficient business and marketing strategies that will boost your bottom line. Contact them to take your first step to less stress and a more productive business model. 

Fabie Reid started on her path in the business world after graduating from the Rollins MBA School of Business with an MBA in corporate finance. She quickly began building her resume and gained experience in the fields of financial analytics, inventory management, credit risk, logistics operations, marketing, and branding and event management.  She has worked in various industries such as hospitality, telecommunications, online marketing and healthcare industries. 

When it comes to event management, Reid is second to none. She is focused on providing unique concepts that create an unforgettable experience for all that attend. Her reputation has made her a thought leader in the event management space. 

Over the years, Reid has been behind successful events like the The Orlando Caribbean Festival, a high profile outdoor festival in Central Florida. She also co-produces three Diner en Blanc events, upscale picnic events that take place in West Palm Beach, Orlando and the Caribbean. Other events she worked on include the Taste of Haiti Miami, the Taste of Haiti Orlando, the Fusion Fest International and the Evening of Hope CWWP Gala.

When it comes to her operational experience, Reid has worked behind the scenes with brands like Disney, Legoland, Indian River Trucking, Kalalou Caribbean Restaurant, TATV and more. She has been responsible for helping these companies develop in areas like logistics, marketing and branding, mergers and acquisitions, production and general development.

In 2013, Reid took the entrepreneurial helm starting her own company Modernique & Co. The company is dedicated to providing businesses with expertise in the areas of marketing and general operations to boost profitability. The Haiti native has followed her dreams to make herself an American success story. Today she strives to help others reach their financial and personal goals.

In addition to her skills, her personality is not one to miss. From her vibrant energy, she conducts every project with a lot of passion and manages the business as her own baby. Bringing innovative concept, and

CSR Work of Modernique & Co, in partnership with many clients, Modernique & co team has:  provided annual scholarship to minority students via the Taste of Haiti Orlando Youth Lakay annual scholarship to assist with …. Lead the humanitarian relief effort to the Bahamas, shipping tons of food and medical supplies via private planes while all airports were down. 


How We Are Unique.

Your business is OUR business, your baby is OUR baby. We dedicate and provide our 110% efforts into our client’s projects as if it was our own sole investment.

The Modernique team seeks to become a new standard of excellence in our industry by:

  • Delivering strong and meaningful results in all assigned projects quickly and efficiently

  • Providing clients with the tools to sustain project value long after the project’s completion date.

  • Saving our clients money, often at a rate that is substantially more than our fee for providing the service

We have been building, brightening and promoting company brands for years, and our team has the necessary skills and experience to take your company to the next level. Our approach involves developing tailored integrated solutions that are sure to aid in your success. 

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Hotels and Resorts Management

  • Timeshare Hospitality 
  • Non-Profit Organization and Leadership
  • Event Planning & Production
  • Event Décor & Design
  • Charity Events / Fundraisers
  • Business Launch Projects

Modernique & Co Values

Integrity without compromise

  • Be honest
  • Keep promises
  • Do what we say we are going to do

Bold & Passionate

  • The Bigger the challenge, the more motivated we are. Stepping outside of our comfort zone is not scary
  • As the market and technology change, so do our strategies and tactics. Every year our team embarks in certifications and trainings in order to stay informed and to keep our clients ahead of the curve.  
  • Embrace change and quickly adapt to changing circumstances
  • We bring and dedicate 200% of ourselves into our clients’ business and project

Win together

  • Help our clients projects or business succeed as if it is our own because we believe our clients’ success IS OUR success as a collaborative effort. 

Deliver Awesome

  • Exceed expectations
  • Go above and beyond what is expected
  • Pay attention to the details

We care and give back

  • Our staff Volunteer our time developing and executing community outreach projects. 
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